Short Break in Kuantan


Before taking off in KLIA.

  On June 11th to 13th we went to Kuantan for a short break. Hubby had to work.. so we decided to take Aqil swimming there. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency. We flew there on the last flight out from KLIA.

Aqil did not sleep at all through the flight. Well, it was a short flight so it makes sense. He played with his pacifier. Biting it as usual..Maybe he thinks it as a teether..



By the time we actually arrive at the hotel it was quite late. Aqil was exhausted. He fell asleep immediately when I put him on the bed.  In the end, hubby had to ‘tapau’ food from nearby shops for dinner. They actually have KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks and a few other shops near by. Its about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel. We had Nasi Kukus. We were too starving to take any pictures. heheh..



The next morning we went out for breakfast at the Hoi Yin restaurant. It is apparently voted as one of the best restaurant there serving curry mee.  After tasting it my self, i wouldn’t mind having it again and again..Its not too thick and not too light. Its just right.

Curry mee without cockles

Curry mee without cockles

The shop opens early for breakfast and usually is up till lunch. However, it is always packed with people. Thus, go early if you do not want to be disappointed. Even for just the 3 of us, we had to wait around 15 minutes just to get a table. They serve the curry mee with cockles, but mine is without since i don’t eat them. Hubby loves them though. By the way, they have sizes for the mee. Order jumbo if you are starving. Hmm…but then, i think i can eat jumbo even if i am not starving since its yummy…heheh..

while waiting for me to eat..

while waiting for me to eat..

while waiting for daddy to eat

while waiting for daddy to eat

After our meal we head back to the hotel to relax. In the afternoon we took Aqil swimming. They apparently have 2 pools. One is with a pool bar so that you can order drinks and relax either in the pool or around it. While the other one is a bit more secluded and nestled among the rooms.

Aqil loved swimming but we did not manage to take pictures since neither of us wants to get our phone wet. He had fun so much that he fell asleep as soon as we wrapped him up in a towel.  We didn’t even start walking to our room and he was already fast asleep.

On the way back as usual Aqil love staying up during take off and landing. He just plays with his pacifier. Lucky me he does not cry because of the pressure during those times.

He likes playing around while waiting for all passengers to disembark. Usually have to wait a while for the stroller to be taken out, thus, Aqil will be busy playing with the cabin crew.

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