Welcome Aqil Ziqri..


It was on a Saturday morning , 14th Dec 2013 around 4 am that my water bag broke. Adam was sleeping. Lucky me he was home and not at work. I was confused at first since it was my first pregnancy. I had no idea what exactly to expect even after going to classes and reading notes on what labour might be like. I woke Adam up and we actually googled.. lol.. Google to see if it is really my water bag that broke and what to do next. heheh..

After confirming everything, we then proceed to pack my bag and make a move for the hospital. Erm…i got nagged since i did not prepare everything in advance since everyone already told me to get it ready way in advance.. hmm..well, i couldn’t complain since it was my fault for procrastinating. By the time we arrived at the hospital it was about 6 am. I got admitted immediately into the labour room and once the nurse checked me, i was already at 3 cm wide. Basically, in order to start pushing the baby out, it has to be at 10cm. So we waited… and waited.. By the way, i was admitted to the Prince Court Medical Centre. 

I decided not to take the epidural and bear the pain. However, after a few hours, my contractions did not get stronger and the doctor decided to put me on a drip. Thus, the pain got worse and closer to each other. In the end i had to take the epidural because i could not cope with the pain. I couldn’t even rest and wait for the time to start pushing. I was already at 5 cm when i asked for epidural. By the time the doctor finished giving me the epidural, i was already at 8 cm and it hurt so bad.. For those wondering if all the pain goes away after taking epidural, no. You will still feel pain but its like at the beginning of labour,mild. The best part is,that you can still feel the contraction and you would still know when to push the baby.

I was given an hour to do normal delivery after i reached 10 cm. If i cannot get the baby out by then, doctor would operate on me. I was like “Nooooo!! I am getting him out normally and not by c-section”. It was all in my head though. Heheh..I pushed and pushed and pushed… I couldn’t push hard enough to get him out. He goes in and out again and again, i think.. i had that image in my head. No idea why though. At the last 5 minutes, doctor asked our permission to assist using the vacuum…and voila! Aqil was born!!  

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We were so happy.. and still are. The best gift ever to the both of us.. He was adorable! and cute! LoL… i think we are biased..well, he is our son.. heheh..

Our joy was short-lived.. Aqil was readmitted to the hospital on the second day after being discharged, for jaundice. 20131218_185356edited

His was at a very high level that the doctor decide to readmit him. We wanted to get a room and stay with him. However, the hospital was fully booked and the rooms available are only the suites which would cost a few thousands per night. We stayed until evening and came back the next day. They managed to get his jaundice level down to a safe level and he could go back with us. We were ecstatic!!