My favourite writing space..

The Daily Post prompted today: Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.

Honestly, it has been ages since I have actually written anything. Just a few days ago, it just occurred to me to start writing again(after sleepless night). Just random thoughts and bits and pieces of my life. I decided that I have to do this because all the ideas and random thoughts always keep me up at night. It will bug me non stop until I either talk to someone or just let the idea flow until I am too tired to stay awake.

I used to write anywhere I can. Noisy café does not bother me much. I just have to make sure all the people sits far away from me and not some where they can read what I am writing. I do not like it when there are people around me looking in when I write. Yes, I know I am not perfect, and yes, I know my grammar and ideas might be wrong..however, its my idea and my posts. I do not need others to tell me or correct me every time I write. Its annoying and by the time you are done correcting me, I usually tend to forget whatever I wanted to write in the first place. That’s why I just let it flow and when I am done I will proof read and correct my mistakes. If I do need help and need someone to correct me, I will ask for help. Never ever doubt that.

By the way, usually when I write, I tend to block other people out. Just like when I am reading. My hubby always complaint that I do not listen to him when he talks or call me. Thus, nowadays I will write only late at night at my desk using the computer after everyone has gone to bed.

I do use my phone to write, however, its mostly just to make check-list of things to do or a reminder so that I do not miss out on anything important.  It is just not the same as writing using a pen and a book or the computer. Phone is just too small for me. It also annoys me whenever a message or calls come in during writing. Sometimes I even get angry at whomever that calls or text. Thus, I tend to avoid using phones.

So, my favourite writing space is my desk in my room. 🙂