Prompt = Headache

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cause, Meet Effect.”

Cause : The Daily Prompt 

Effect : Headache

Seriously, I haven’t written in ages. Finally today, I have some time to spare. Today’s post is giving me a huge headache. Causes and effects. It can be lots of things.

At first I thought, hmm.. my love for travelling can be a cause. Effect is definitely bankruptcy since I travel at least once a month. Why I do it? I honestly love travelling.. but every time I do it its because of an impromptu trip. Not something I planned way earlier and that I get to set how long I want to do it.  Thus, it always leaves me craving for more. Hence the repeat trip over and over every month, and all to different places.

Another unrelated cause and effect would be crying and laughing. Its two different emotions, and yet it gives different emotion or effect to people. I had a moment in time where it hurts, and I cried. My now one year old son saw me crying and he laughed. Seriously, it amazes me how simple things like this, can make him smile or laugh. Whenever it gets tough now, I just remember that moment and it makes me smile.

Enough rambling for today.